Why Organic?

“Why should I buy organic?”

“Isn’t organic stuff really expensive?”

“Wait...trees and grass, aren’t they already organic?”

We at HowToOrganics.com know that there are lots of questions about going organic. We want to give you some answers.

To be “organic” means simply to be working with nature towards sustainable solutions for a variety of….. Our work is especially concerned with sustainable solutions for lawn care. Much of the damage being done to the environment these days takes place on small, suburban plots. We’re using more fertilizers on home lawns than we are in farming fields. We are contributing to the degradation of the environment for the sake of aesthetics. Chemical lawn care has a negative impact on your lawn, your wallet, and our shared environment.

So, why organic?

  • Organic lawn care is cheaper in the long run.
  • Organic lawn care is better for your lawn.
  • Chemical lawn care is dangerous.

The Eco-nomics

Studies show that organic lawn care is cheaper in the long run.

The use of chemical fertilizers is not cost effective--the more chemicals you use, the more chemicals you need. As an example, using an insecticide kills off a targeted pest, like grubs, but also kills off all of the natural predators of those grubs. That means when the grubs come back, there are less natural predators to slim the population. The result? You need to buy and use more and new chemicals to fight those grubs. It’s a vicious, expensive cycle.


Organic lawn care works with the soil, leading to healthier, more sustainable lawns.
Chemical lawn care is designed to treat your grass, not your soil. But the truth of all plant life is that the soil is more important for the long-term care of the plant. Soil is made up of a series of living organisms, which all work together to produce things like grass and flowers. Organic lawn care works to maintain the soil, and that means healthier and more sustainable lawns.

Our Lawns Can Hurt Us

Chemical lawn care causes immense harm to the environment and even threatens your family.

Chemical fertilizers and herbicides were born in munitions labs. Their dangerous chemical structures have been used in explosive devices and were developed in the wake of WWII to keep munitions plants running. These chemicals run off into our water supply, creating whole dead zones in large bodies of water. Worse, they stay in your lawn, threatening the safety of your family. (Did you know most dandelion killers contain the infamous “Agent Orange?”)

Go Organic

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