Natures Pro – Humic Acid


This Humic Acid is a unique blend of humic acid and naturally occurring enzymes. Applied alone as a soil or foliar application, Nature’s Pro Bio-Brew Humic Acid can also be used as a food source when pre-treating compost or for brewing compost tea.

Some benefits of using Humic Acid include:

  • building beneficial microbial populations
  • may help to reduce salt buildup and soil salinity
  • may help build plants’ narural ability to resist certain pest issues
  • may help increase nutrient availability
  • improving soil structure

Soil Applications – apply 1-5 gallons per acre per application (3-15 oz./1000 sq.ft.) in enough water
to provide adequate soil penetration. Applications can be made every 6-8 weeks throughout season.

Foliar Applications – applied at the rate of 16-32 oz per acre (0.5-0.75 oz/1000 sq.ft.) at a delution
rate of 1 oz Humic Acid in 1-20 gallons of water. Apply during the early morning hours when stmata
are more likely to be open. Avoid applications during periods of high heat or impending rainfall.

Compost Tea Usage – Compost Pre-treatment: combine 1 oz of humic acid with 1 oz of fish hydro-
lysate and 1 oz of water per each pound of compost. Mix with compost and place in shallow pan.
Let stand in cool, dark area lightly covered to reduce evaporation for 48-72 hours prior to brewing.

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