earthfort – Soil ProVide™


Soil ProVide is produced from an organic base material, which is then screened for uniformity and converted in to a liquid for easier application.  Soil ProVide adds biology back into the soil.  Soil organisms support plant health as they decompose organic matter, cycle nutrients, enhance soil structure and control the populations of soil organisms. The need to replenish soil biology is due to many factors, including: lack of oxygen as the result of compaction, lack of nutrients, soil disturbance from agricultural production without proper application of external inputs as well as wind and water erosion.  Soil organisms play a major role in many natural processes that determine nutrient and water availability for agricultural productivity.  A perfect complement to Soil ProVide is a food source to feed the organisms found in Soil ReVive.

  1. Improves soil health, which supports plant health and productivity.
  2. Restores micro-organisms which have been depleted due to natural and human disturbances.
  3. All natural, certified organic liquid soil conditioner.