Americans need to look at soil fertility for turfgrass-lawns in a whole new way. Firsts thing it is a myth that fertilizer makes grass grow it doesn’t the sun makes grass grow. In fact little work has been done to see if we can convert the entire lawn care industry to organic-biodynamic. After all Biodynamic wine is sought after and expensive, our president's family eats a biodynamic diet. Why shouldn’t we have Biodynamic lawns and landscapes?

Excerpt about Biodynamics from The Book Greening America to Save the World Pavletich 2008:

"In 1922 in Austria, Ernst Stegemann and a group of other farmers approached philosopher-scientist Rudolph Steiner for advice about the increasing degeneration of seed strains in many cultivated plants. The seeds had a diminishing germination rate and produced weak crops that were not drought- or insect-resistant. Crops in Lucerne, Switzerland, had been grown in the same field for thirty years on end, but the thirty years dwindled to nine and then to seven, and showed every sign of reducing further. Farmers had once been able to seed new crops, year after year, from their own rye, wheat, oats, and barley, but now they found that they had to resort to new strains of seed every few years. New strains, designed to fight specific pests or to increase yields, were being produced in bewildering profusion only to disappear from the scene in short order, once they ceased to be effective. During his investigations, Steiner became aware of the increase in animal diseases, with problems of sterility and widespread foot-and-mouth disease high on the list, thanks to collaborations with the veterinarian Joseph Werr, the physician Eugene Kolisko, and others. Steiner came up with unusual findings and an even more unusual solution.

The inorganic methods had disturbed what had been a nature-based system, giving rise to many problems. Steiner’s approach was to bring natural energies back to the soil in order to restore health. With his methods, which became the basis for what is known as biodynamics, all of the planet and cosmos are interconnected with an infinite number of exchanges and activities. Farmers had lost sight of these essential interconnections after learning that they could grow plants on gravel roadways if they used chemical fertilizers. Steiner’s work showed that very small amounts of rock dust sprayed correctly over an acre of ground (instead of tons of fertillizer) could bring the soil back to health. Steiner was a proponent of using silica type rock dusts to create structure in soil and balancing soil’s magnetism, which created healthy soil and in turn healthy plants. This method does not require massive quantities of chemicals to heal the soil, merely proper understanding of the soil’s biochemistry. The biodynamic approach did not heal the plant, per se, but promoted health: creating a healthy environment for the plant and then letting it heal itself. If plants are sick, he suggested looking not at the plants but at the soil itself.-.
Steiner’s development of biodynamic preparations is seen as esoteric in most of the world but generally is accepted in Australia, the organic crop Mecca. The basis of bio-dynamics is that we need to capture all of Earth’s energies to grow healthy crops by the weaving of astrality. Astrality is the unseen cosmic forces which affect plants through nature and in agriculture. These energies are somewhat intangible and immeasurable so they have gone untouched by scientists. Ancient philosophers had some conception of an intangible natural force that influenced growth. Dating back to 350 BC, Plato and Aristotle regarded ether as one of the five essential elements—the other four being earth, air, fire and water.

Although scientists have since proven that ether does not exist, the fact is that astral influences and what some call etheric energies greatly affect plants. For example, lumber timbered on a full moon is heavier than lumber harvested on the new moon.

When you buy a bag of 5-10-5 the numbers correlate to N-P-K this is old school and was designed by chemists for farming. The new system is Carbon based fertility . The old salt based fertilizers have reduced (used up) carbon in soils as much as 50% and burned soil microbes at the same time. In fact you can buy 46-0-0 which is pure urea(spread it on ice in the winter it works great). What this fertilizer does is burn carbon then force feed the lawn as the plant involuntarily has to take up the nitrogen in its water supply. The net result is Yield which is what hay farmers want not lawn care companies.
This force feeding does a lot of damage to the plant and soil which in turn causes insect,disease and weed problems as the soils become sick-toxic and salt bound.

This paradyme has shifted, now it’s time to restore-replenish the carbon and microbial soilfoodweb in our soils. Create healthy soil which create healthy weed,insect and disease free lawns organically."