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At we understand that lawn care companies, school districts,and golf courses have different education and product needs than home owners. If your company is considering taking turf organic, then you’re in the right place!

The easiest way to get started is to simply give us a call or email us. is staffed with seasoned professionals and are more than happy to find a program that works best for your needs. (610) 476-0961 or


Step #1: Education

Chemical systems for turf have dominated the industry for decades but there are a select minority of influential educators pushing the organic turf revolution forward. We at recommend these educators to get started:

  • Elaine Ingham -
  • The EarthWorks Soil First Academy -
  • Osborne Organics -

Step #2: Soil Testing

The first step to implementing any organic program is soil testing. A soil test will tell you exactly what turf needs so you can use only those nutrient necessary for consistent, sustainable growth. We highly recommend the following companies for soil testing:

  • Logan Labs -
  • Prescription Soil Analysis -
  • Soil Foodweb Laboratories -

Step #3: Brands & Products

We know the huge variety of organic products out there can be overwhelming. In fact, many of those products just don’t do what they say they’re going to do. That’s why at, efficacy is high on our list of priorities. We have 30+ years of experience testing the efficacy of organic products. We take into account reliability, consistency, customer service, and, of course, price in our evaluations. The experts at turn to these companies to deliever high-value organic products:

Founded in 1885 by Ashbel Merrel Leonard, A.M. Leonard is the leader in the horticultural tool and supply business with emphasis on doing business the “old fashioned way”. Offering quality products, superior customer service and a selection of over 10,000 items. A.M. Leonard understands customers have a choice on where to shop and pledges to continue its tradition of exceptional products and service. We grow, we innovate, we work hard…just like you, we do whatever it takes to get the job done!

We recommend ARBICO for biologic controls . They have excellent pricing on products like beneficial nematodes and other advanced techniques. They provide good service and customer support.

From our experience, Avenger works well and fast . It is a quick non-selective burndown and fill that role better than anyone else in the industry. Their mission is to provide organic and natural solutions for all lawn, gardens, for home, business or commercial use.

BCWC Organics is committed to a healthier, happier you and dedicated to positive global change. We offer quality natural and organic products for clean, sustainable living – from nutrient-dense superfoods and natural cleaning alternatives to organic soil enhancement and plant fertility products, we’ve got you covered.

Earthworks is one of the top organic fertility companies in america. Their products really dive deep into carbon based fertility and are carefully formulated  to balance soils.Earthworks is one of the top organic fertility companies in america. Their products really dive deep into carbon based fertility and are carefully formulated  to balance soils.Earthworks is one of the top organic fertility companies in america. Their products really dive deep into carbon based fertility and are carefully formulated  to balance soils.

Envirokure is entering the turf market by introducing an exciting new organic product.This is one of the most interesting new organic products to come on the market. It is listed as a poultry manure derived liquid fertilizer with an OMRI certification. It is odorless and application rates are relatively low. The interesting aspect about this product is that it labeled as a N-P-K fertilizer but is also a live microbial “Bug in The Jug” product. It has been used across the US in agriculture for 3 years with amazing results and is being used on golf courses in the Philadelphia area. In the coming week, our editorial team will be doing in depth research with Envirokure and their products to fully understand its capabilities and results.

Year after year, we work hard to make organic gardening more affordable for homeowners, homesteaders, and all green thumbs. We now offer Wholesale pricing for resellers of our products and special pricing programs for (1) Farmers, (2) School Gardens and (3) Landscaping Businesses. If you have a Business that qualifies, we want to support you. Please, contact us to apply for one of these great programs, we are eager to work with you. Once set-up, your special pricing will be available to you online.

We hope to get new and better natural and/or organic products into the market place and continue growing this “organic mindset” by exposing more people to our organic options. Now more than ever we believe, Grow Organic… For Life!

If you havn’t used Biodynamic Preparations it’s worth looking into. I have a library loaded with information on applied bio-dynamics and have used them in the past. believe they really work

Laurel Valley Soils are the king of compost. Located in the capital of mushroom growing country in southeast Pennsylvania . They collect spent mushroom soil from mushroom growers and work and put it through a really effective composting process. The result is a nice screened compost that is still loaded with nutrients (the mushroom growers get rid of it befor it is totally spent). They have a greens grade that can easily be spread with topdressing machinery.

Logan Labs is a participating member of the North America Proficiency Testing Program. We accept payment in the form of personal checks, Visa and MasterCard. Logan Labs is located in Lakeview, Ohio. We provide analytical and consulting services to all areas of the agricultural community. We pride ourselves in quick turnaround time and analytical accuracy.